by | Feb 11, 2021


Trauma or need to perform painful procedure on area innervated by supraorbital nerve


  • Infection overlying injection site
  • Allergy to local anesthetic
  • Distortion of anatomical landmarks


  • 2-5cc of local anesthetic of choice
  • Syringe
  • Cleansing solution
  • 1.5 inch small gauge needle (25 or greater)


  1. Place patient in supine position or seated
  2. Draw up 2-5cc of anesthetic into syringe
  3. Palpate the supraorbital foramen over the medial aspect of the supraorbital ridge
  4. Prep area
  5. Advance the needle towards foramen (5-10mm)
  6. Aspirate, and if no blood, inject 1-3 cc of anesthetic slowly
  7. Massage area for 10-15 seconds
  8. If block is unsuccessful, inject a line of anesthetic solution along the orbital rim laterally to medially to block all branches of the ophthalmic nerve